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Safety WhistleThe fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 1:7

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Embrace it, Experience it, Enjoy it, Endure it, and Exalt Christ Jesus in all of it.

Hi! My name is Stuart Whitney and my wife Martha and I working together with a few other families established The Way Home Christian School in the summer of 1988 in Decatur. This new school was initiated specifically for homeschoolers. We began to grow quickly as our program simplicity appealed to the families that connected with us. By 1995 it was apparent that our program was going to continue to grow and in order to support it beyond the 300 families that we had reached we would need a full time administrator. We made some changes in the program and counting on another year of solid growth I left my job in an engineering field working for a defense firm in Huntsville. We have been committed to it ever since. We experienced 4 years straight with over 1000 families enrolled from 1999 to 2003. We currently serve nearly 700 families.

We owe a great deal of thanks to our current and past coordinators who have supported Way Home and helped hundreds of families navigate the enrollment process and other challenges associated with homeschooling in Alabama. We would not be here without their foundational support. For all of them we pray a blessing of God on their lives and families. Over the years the program has been sponsored by several churches as we moved from Decatur to rural Morgan County. We have been affiliated with Journey Church in Eva, AL since 2003 where we also serve as elders. We are grateful for our church family and appreciate their support.

My wife Martha and I were married in 1980 both of us having a committed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We purposed with our lives to serve together in the Lord and we continue to do so today. In our marriage we embraced one of the most important purposes of marriage and that is to raise children. Originally, we planned 3 children but after that third child we came to the conclusion that we would like to go through life without interfering with our God given ability to bring life into the world. This idea was first inspired by my wife and one which we came to share and embrace. We don’t view that decision as a mandate from heaven or even a role model, it was just simply our way of following after and glorifying the creator of life. While conventional wisdom says you should plan your family, we opted for the unconventional wisdom and let God plan our family. In doing so we were careful to follow after natural means of nurturing and spacing. In fact these efforts laid the groundwork for what has become another major part of our lives, a family business called Health In Hand inspired by Martha’s interest in God’s creative natural health and healing provisions.

Health in Hand Inc. – A Whitney Enterprise


Colette, Josiah, Autumn, Shiloh, Seth, Spring, Hannah, Opal, Martha, Stuart, Aubriana, Pearl, Levi, Noah, Dillon
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Home education has been a way of life for us and it’s not all about academics. “School” doesn’t begin and end with a bell in our house. Every waking moment is a learning opportunity whether we are diligently studying or playing in the back yard. A primary goal in raising our children has been to enable them to find their mission in life, to pursue that to the best of their ability, and to glorify God in all that they do. It is our mission through the Way Home Christian School to support your family as you seek to do the same with your children.