Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an opportunity for those students with the academic ability and social maturity to begin taking college level or preparatory courses at a local State College or University. The dual enrollment allows a qualified student the ability to earn both a credit toward high school graduation or in preparation for a college degree program. Basically, those credits earned through dual enrollment may apply to both high school and college.

The qualifications for dual enrollment may vary between colleges but are typically:
1. Student must be in the 10th grade or higher
2. Student must have a B average or better
3. An ACT, SAT or Campus test may be required
4. A High School Transcript is required, see further details below.
5. Student must have an Approval Form signed by Way Home, see further details below.

Check the website of the college for additional information and requirements on their Dual Enrollment Program.

Our procedure for handling Dual Enrollment is as follows:

1. Complete a high school transcript showing all high school courses, credits, and grades earned to date. Use the form provided through the MENU TAB titled REPORTS & TRANSCRIPTS and the submenu “Dual Enrollment Transcript”.

Submit a draft copy of the transcript you create to my office for review, I will respond within a day or two of reciept. Note that the College may require an “official copy” which my be provided by the “Official Signature” of the Church School Teacher and/or School Administrator.

Please email a copy of your draft transcript file as an email attachment to the way home email address prior to submitting it to the college. I will edit the transcript if necessary and provide any update back to the parent. The Parent will review, correct if needed, and sign the transcript under the designation of “Official Signature”.

To ensure competent support in this process, any email by the parent involving delivery of a transcript to the dual enrollment college admissions office must also include the way home email address as a recipient of the email message to ensure Way Home has the latest correspondence.

2. If required by the college, submit a copy of the ACT or SAT test result or take the on campus placement test if required.

3. Locate and download the application forms for dual enrollment from the college website. Email my office to initiate support for the process. PLEASE DO NOT SCAN AND EMAIL FORMS WITH SENSITIVE IDENTITY DATA SUCH AS SSN AND DATE OF BIRTH. Leave that data blank until you print it out and deliver it to their office. I have the Approval Form and will sign it and email you a copy with my signature and your child’s name on it. Complete the remaining information required on the form and submit with your registration.

The application process and the dual enrollment paperwork may vary from college to college. Review the college website for information on forms and regarding their application process.

Please note that dual enrollment is intended to be a privilege and an opportunity to those students with the academic ability and social maturity to handle the challenging environment of a college class either on campus in person or online. The approval form that is signed affirms that your child is fit for the challenge.

Our administrative approach with dual enrollment is to be supportive of and endorse the choices of the parents as long as the college dual enrollment admissions process will approve the enrollment and course selection.