Any student 16 years or older may apply to take the GED (General Equivalency Diploma). If considering the GED contact a GED Test Center near you for instructions.

To enroll in a GED program, a student cannot be enrolled in high school. A notice of withdrawal is required from the last school attended by the student. To obtain a student withdrawal notice, contact our office and we will mail it to you upon request.

The GED is a standardized test offered to anyone who has not formally completed their high school education. A GED is essentially a nationally recognized credential for someone wanting to prove they have achieved a high school level of education.

In lieu of an official high school diploma, Employers may require the GED in their hiring policy and colleges may require the GED for admission. Employers and colleges want proof of your high school graduation. It provides a credential that increases their understanding of a potential employee or student.

Nationally, homeschoolers may provide proof of graduation with a high school transcript and a diploma certificate created on their own. In Alabama, home school graduates typically have proof of graduation through their affiliated school which may issue a diploma certificate based on transcript and standardized test requirements.

Sometimes, in the homeschool experience, the GED is the best choice to move forward. Our experiences as families and our diversity as individuals present unique experiences that lead us down a path. Some students will reach a point where it makes sense to purse the GED rather than complete a prescribed high school course of study in a formal manner.

The important thing is not whether it is a GED or a High School Diploma. The GED is a High School Diploma and may be the ticket to college admissions where greater success may be achieved. Alternatively, the GED may be the ticket to an employment opportunity and a learning experience that leads to job training and additional opportunities down the road.