Student Driver’s Permit

In the State of Alabama, a student when reaching the age of 15 may take the Driver’s Permit exam at their County Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. A test booklet to help prepare for the exam is available at the DMV office and may be picked up at any time the office is open. A student should obtain and study this booklet prior to taking the exam.

Before allowing the student to take the exam, the DMV office will require that the parent provide identification paperwork (birth certificate, social security card) and proof of the student’s current enrollment in school. This proof of enrollment should be obtained in advance from our office. We will issue a signed Enrollment Verification form upon request at no charge to families enrolled in our program. This form can be emailed to you for quicker service. Please give us several days if you need it mailed to you.

Some DMV offices have required that a home school parent complete an affidavit which requires a notarized signature of the parent. This is an alternative to receiving the Enrollment Verification form from our office. Either method will work. However the simplest approach is to contact us ahead of time and request the Enrollment Verification form.

Optional Driver’s Training Resources (please let us know if you have become aware of other resources than the ones listed below)

US Driver Training

Safe Young Drivers

Rules of the Road DVD