Testing Support

There are varying views on the subject of testing and it’s importance to a students progress. I believe that it is true that your child can be successfully home educated without ever taking a test. However, in order to interface with the established educational institutions of our culture a test may inevitably be required. I say “may be” because there is a growing trend of colleges that do not require a college entrance exam. Recently, the Google firm published that it’s hiring practices is not keyed on college achievement as most if not all of it’s leaders are not college grads.

The danger with testing is that parents may put the wrong value on test results. On the other hand, if your child’s first encounter with standardized testing is with a college entrance exam you may have done them a dis-service.

We tend to know our childs gifting and their academic ability before ever testing. The test often validates what we already know about our child. Standardized testing is an opportunity to challenge your child and gain understanding from the experience.

Standardized Testing is like a meter; you use it to take a measurement. The measurement provides a point of reference from which you gain insight. For most it provides confirmation and insight to potential strengths and weaknessess.

For most students, standardized testing will provide some proof or validation of what you have accomplished while home schooling. Please note that despite your standardized test results, many public schools will still require additional testing based on their academic scope and sequence.

What is listed below are some of the more common testing resources.

SETON TESTING offers the Stanford 10 test online:
Stanford 10 Testing Online

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE offers an online CAT test.
Academic Excellence CAT Testing Online

CHRISTIAN LIBERTY PRESS offers an online CAT test.
CAT test w/o science and social studies

Comprehensive CAT Exam taken at home

CAT test w/o science and social studies


Scholarship opportunities at colleges are often tied to these test results. Two year colleges have a testing assessment you can take on campus. Having an ACT or SAT result may help with course selection options depending on the test result.

ACT w/writing evaluation (some colleges may require this portion of the ACT to be included)

SAT Subject Tests (some colleges may require the applicant to take one or more subject tests.