Transferring Out

When transferring your child to another school you should be prepared to provide a records package. A records package consists primarily of a grade report but may also include standardized test results.

Before proceeding, note that the primary reason to submit a records package to our office is because the school will not accept the records package directly from you. Please remember that one of your duties is to be the Records Custodian for your children. If the school you transfer to sends us a record request then you will need to provide a records package to our office or the request will not be responded to.

Please note that our Elementary Progress Report Form is provided on our site solely for the purpose of recording progress for a single semester or grade level. If your child has been enrolled for more than one grade level then the results of each grade level must be included in the record report you submit to our office. The Transferring Out Student Record format provided on our website is intended for that purpose.

Our Transcript Report form may be adapted as a form Transfer record when additional information as added. Please consult with the office when a formal transfer record is required.

The following link takes you to the report options found under the REPORTS/TRANSCRIPTS menu area:

Select this link to view the Report options