Grades 1st – 6th

Before proceeding, note that the only reason to submit a records package to our office is if the school you are transferring to will not accept the records package directly from you. If you submit a records package please do it with excellence as it is a reflection of both you and our school. If the school you transfer to sends us a record request then you will need to provide a records package to our office or we will have to report that you failed to provided the appropriate records.

When withdrawing from Way Home and transferring a student please choose an appropriate form below to create your transfer record. The forms provided are intended to report one or more grade levels on a single form unlike the Progress Report form which is intended for a single semester or grade level and which is not intended as a formal report to others.

If your child has been enrolled for more than one grade level then the results of each grade level must also be included in your record. The forms provided below are designed for this purpose.

For Kindergarten, you may use the 1st grade form or use the Report

TRANSFER REPORT FOR GRADES 1 – 6 – Download, fill in, and email the completed report

Report in Word .doc File

Report in Other .rtf File (may be used with most all word processing applications)

Blank for Handwritten Version

Provide a copy of any standardized test results for the period of your enrollment.

These items must be submitted by the parent directly to Way Home office at the time of your withdrawal. Do not send these reports to a coordinator as they are unable to support records processing.

E-Mail your completed form to the Way Home office.
E-Mail Address:

If you do not have email, print out the blank form and complete it by hand and mail the form to our office at the address provided on this website.

Contact our office should you need further support.