Grades 7th – 12th

When withdrawing a student from Way Home and transferring out of 7th thru 12th grades, choose the appropriate form below to create your transcript record. These forms are intended to report one or more grade levels on a single form. Please edit the form content to fit your specific data.

TRANSFER REPORT FOR GRADES 7 – 12 – Download, fill in, and email (or mail if necessary) the completed report to the office. IMPORTANT – Be sure to include Days of Attendance for each grade level.

Word file version – .doc format

Other file version – .rtf format
(may be used with most all word processing applications)

Blank for Handwritten Version – pdf format

SAMPLE – Transfer Student Transcript

Please note that the Transcript Report forms provided elsewhere on our site are solely for the purpose of recording progress for a single semester or grade level. If you have been enrolled for more than one grade level then the results of each grade level must also be included in your records. The forms provided on this page are designed for this purpose. Please view the sample completed Transfer Record provided above.

Provide a copy of any standardized test results for the period of your enrollment.

These items must be submitted by the parent directly to Way Home office at the time of your withdrawal. Do not send these reports to a coordinator as they are unable to support records processing.

E-Mail your completed form to the Way Home office.
E-Mail Address: wayhomeschool(at) sub in @ where indicated

If you do not have email, print out the blank form and complete it by hand and mail the form to our office.

Contact our office should you need further support.