Support Contacts


Coordinator Listing

You may contact any of these coordinators for enrollment but those closest to your location will have more local information that may be of benefit. Call the main office if you do not get a response within 3 days of your initial call to the coordinator or need more immediate information.

Coordinators provide counseling on how to get started in homeschooling and other helpful information on the enrollment process as well as homeschooling in general. Meeting with the coordinator can be very helpful not only for the enrollment process but for also gaining insight from their knowledge and experience and also getting additional information on the home school opportunities.

Not all areas in the state are represented with coordinators and it may not be convenient to travel to meet with one. In such cases enrollment can be managed over the phone with the coordinator or expedited directly by phone through the Way Home main office.

Coordinators also provide our office with updated information on your attendance or enrollment status. Please note that it is the Parent-Teacher responsibility to report to the main office if your enrollment status has or will change.

As the Superintendent of the school I must report to your local board of education attendance office if you have withdrawn from our school. The coordinators help me to manage that information through contact that they have with you during the school year. The coordinator may contact you directly during the year via phone or email to check with you if they have not had contact with you in any other way such as an event, field trip, or other activity.