Legal and State Support

The state of Alabama does not have a “homeschool law.” All schooling in the state must fall under the categories of public, private, private tutor, or church school. Church schools are exempt from state control and the educational requirements governing public and private schools. In order for us to “legally” homeschool in this state we must be associated with a church school, be a certified teacher operating as a “Private Tutor”, or operate under the Private School option.

Church schools are not required to have “certified teachers” nor is accreditation required. The parents serve as the church school teacher in their respective home school and must assume the responsibilities and tasks associated with their individual home school. For a more in depth review of the advancement of homeschooling under Alabama law please review the history provided under the Foundation’s link.

Legal Defense is a service that provides benefits to the homeschool community by providing legal representation at the national and state level. The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), Southease Law Institute, and Homeschool Legal Advantage (HLA) are organizations that provide legal services for homeschool families.

We recommend but do not required enrollment in HSLDA. They are a national and international reputable organization that has done a great service to homeschooling. They provide many resources that you may connect with that will support your homeschool journey. In addition, you aid the homeschool community at large by providing their ability to provide their surfaces at a very reasonable price. A discount is available through their group services program of which Way Home is a participant. To receive the HSLDA group discount you will need our Way Home HSLDA group discount number. Review the Parent Manual for this information.

On the state level we encourage you to connect with CHEF of Alabama, Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF). You will find pertinent information regarding homeschooling in Alabama along with other resources to consider.