First Time Enrollment


A summary of our program requirements is found on the Statement of Cooperation which is included on our Registration Form. Our program information is addressed in more detail in the Parent Manual. Please be sure to read this manual for more information. Contact us if you have any questions.

Enrolling in The Way Home Christian School is accomplished by following these steps:

1. Print out and complete the Registration Form. This form identifies you and your children for our records and provides a record of your agreement to the Statement of Cooperation. It also provides us, if applicable, with information on the school you are withdrawing from allowing us to fax a Record Request / Transfer Notice to that school.

2. Print out and complete the appropriate Church School Enrollment Form for your school district. Complete a copy of this form for each child to be enrolled. This form is required by your school district and serves to notify your local board of education of your enrollment in our church school. A signed copy of this form is sent by us to your local board of education to notify them of your enrollment in WHCS. A copy will be maintained on file at our office and a copy will be returned to you for your records.

3. Download the coordinator list from our website to locate the Coordinator closest to you or call our office to enroll. Any coordinator on this list may be contacted to help with enrollment. Please note that our coordinators are independent consultants and are not full time positions. Coordinators may take a few days to return your call.

4. Assemble the required forms and mail your enrollment package to our office. If you meet with a coordinator be sure to leave that appointment with the enrollment paperwork ready to mail directly to the Way Home office. Please ensure that all forms are completed neatly in ink and that you have signed the CSEF where required.

5. Please make your checks or money orders payable to WHCS (Way Home Christian School) or use the online payment system.

6. For those transferring from a public/private school a Transfer Notice / Record request must be submitted to that school. Be sure to include the school information on your Registration Form. We will submit this notice/request once we receive your enrollment package. If you have already received your records from the school please indicate that when you mail in your registration. Any records sent to us will be forwarded to you for safe keeping. High school transcripts must be re-submitted to our office in your child’s senior year be sure to store them in a secure place.

7. If this is your first year with WHCS you must submit your study plan once you receive your curriculum materials. Failure to do so may result in dis-enrollment. You may email us the information requested on the study plan form or mail us the completed form.

8. Complete the Progress Report (1st-6th grades) or Transcript Report (7-11th grade) as applicable during both the Mid-Year, DEC-JAN, and End-Of-Year, MAY-JUNE, reporting periods. File these reports in your home school records. If this is your first report a copy is required to be submitted to either your coordinator or the office whichever provided your enrollment service.

9. Graduating Seniors must submit a draft of their Official High School Transcript to the main office during the Mid-Year reporting period or earlier if college applications/scholarships require early submission of transcripts. Final grades must be submitted before a diploma will be issued.

10. Should you later decide to transfer out of WHCS you are required to contact us by phone or mail to inform us of your intentions. When transferring please be prepared to provide a records package to our office. The Progress Report and Transcript Report Form are not acceptable for use as a formal transfer record. Consult the RECORDS link on the website and choose the Withdrawal Transcript link to access the correct form.

11. You must re-enroll by the start of the school year in your school district. Failure to re-enroll by August 20th will result in a re-registration fee. SAVE TIME – RE-ENROLL ONLINE.

12. Be faithful to God, diligent with His reward, enjoy your freedom, be thankful, be patient, and give God glory every day.