Transfer Notice / Records Request

If you are withdrawing from a public school and enrolling in Way Home it is generally expected that a Records Request / Transfer Notice will be submitted to that school within several days of your withdrawal. Be sure to ask the school you are withdrawing from the instructions for obtaining a copy of your child’s academic and other records. Be sure to pass these instructions on to our office if it requires our direct support.

Some schools now have an online interface for obtaining an academic record for your child. It will be your responsibility to use this interface to obtain a copy of your child’s records. These records will be kept in your files for safe keeping. Our office does not need a copy of these records unless your child is a graduating senior and credits earned at this school will be applied towards graduation. See the Graduating Menu for more information on preparing the Graduating Senior Transcript.

If you are withdrawing from another Church School / Home School and are unable to obtain copies of your records, let us know and we will make a formal request. Otherwise, no transfer notice or records request will be submitted to these schools unless you specifically request us to do so.

Occasionally, some school records will be released to you without a formal request from Way Home. If you have already received essential copies of your records, please inform us when you submit your enrollment paperwork.

Note that the public schools typically maintain the original copy of your student records in their system after your withdrawal with the exception of the original blue card immunization record which should be released as part of your records package.