With all things in life their are choices. Homeschool support services and the Church Schools that provide them vary depending on many factors. Some of these schools operate as traditional church schools with many requirements traditional to a formal brick and mortar school setting. Our program approach is to meet the requirements of state law for a church school but to emulate what is considered good homeschool law as implemented in various States throughout the nation. You have to make a choice as to what is appropriate for your family and will serve you best.

At the foundation of our approach are Biblical and Constitutional principles coupled with common sense. God’s created social order established family first with husband and wife as father and mother and parents. The first form of earthly government was self-government with respect to lawful authority. Man subject and accountable to God. Common sense dictates that we seek out the help we need to accomplish the task’s we are responsible for. You need to choose a church school that supports your needs and goals. We hope that we are a good fit for your family’s needs but understand should you choose a school approach with more rigorous support.

The Way Home approach is to view our relationship with each family as a partnership, each with their respective responsibilities. In a typical school their is administrative staff and teaching staff. The Way Home office is the administrative staff and the parent is the teaching staff.

As such the Parents/Guardians are designated Church School Teachers and Records Custodians responsible for the day to day educational activity including curriculum selection, scheduling, implementation, and record keeping. Support is available as needed through the administrative office.

Our approach allows us to offer a limited administrative government and a low cost tuition. The premise of our operation is that parents desire the best results for their children and that a limited class size increases the likelihood of success.

Our school is compliant with state requirements for a church school. Parents help provide lawful compliance by fulfilling their obligation as record custodian which includes keeping an attendance record during the school year. Alabama does not have a specific homeschool law. Homeschooling has been co-opted under the church school provision of the compulsory attendance law. Submission of Church School Enrollment Forms is required in each school district upon enrollment. Upon withdrawal of a family from our school, a withdrawal notice is also submitted to the board of education. Legal support is available to families through organizations like Home School Legal Defense Association, Homeschool Legal Advantage, and the Southeast Law Institute. We recommend membership with an organization such as these in order to support the ongoing efforts to maintain our homeschool freedoms.