Parent Manual

The Parent Manual addresses in more detail those items listed under the Statement of Cooperation found on our Registration Form.

Click on the link below to download a copy of the Parent Manual.


To print out a copy of the Registration Form with the Statement of Cooperation, please select the ENROLL link and then find and select the sublink, REGISTRATION FORM. A copy of the Registration Form will be downloaded to your computer. For reference, a copy of the Statement of Cooperation is provided below.


1. We have reviewed the Parent Instruction Manual and understand our responsibilities stated therein.

2. We are implementing an appropriate education program with associated resources to be used during the year for each of our children. (If this is your first time enrolling with WHCS you must submit a copy of your initial study plan.)

3. We will maintain a study plan/journal for each child. We agree to make this plan/journal available to the school administrator or designated representative upon request.

4. We will maintain an attendance record for each child showing the days of attendance per calendar year. Furthermore, our children will be directed during the day by ourselves or a designated adult guardian.

5. We will, as the designated Church School Teacher for our children, prepare a Progress Report or Transcript Report, as applicable, for both MID-YEAR and END-OF-YEAR record keeping. We agree to make our reports available to the school administrator or designated representative upon request.

6. We will, as the designated Records Custodian, maintain record files for each child. These files will contain enrollment records, study plan/journal, attendance record, and curriculum materials completed during the school year.

7. We agree to contact the WHCS office to notify them if transferring our children to another school, we have a change of phone number, or a change of address.

8. We realize that to continue our enrollment with WHCS we must re-enroll each year in JUNE-JULY. After August 20th we realize that we will be withdrawn from WHCS and could become subject to truancy laws if we fail to enroll elsewhere.

9. We release the WHCS school administrators, coordinators, and other support staff from all responsibility or liability for the education and the social and physical well being of our children. We agree to assume all risk for the well-being of our children at any functions or activities sponsored by members of the WHCS support groups.

10. We acknowledge and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord in our hearts and home. Our children will study the Bible as part of our home education program and we purpose to conduct our lives in accordance with these teachings.