Diploma Package

The diploma package includes a custom Way Home Diploma Case, Graduation Certificate, and Official Transcript. In addition, if transcript support is needed by the graduate in the future, it will be provided free of charge.

The diploma package fee may be paid through the PAYMENT menu.

For those attending the Way Home graduation ceremony, special instructions are posted under the CEREMONY menu link. For planning purposes, notify the office as early as possible in the school year if you desire to participate.

For those not attending the Way Home ceremony follow these instructions to receive your Diploma Package:
1. Submit by email a draft of the Graduating Senior Transcript to wayhomeschool@gmail.com. Find the transcript form under the TRANSCRIPT PREP link. Be sure the graduates name appears on the transcript as you want it to appear on the diploma certificate.

2. Submit by email a copy of your graduate’s standardized test results. If none has been taken or there is extenuating circumstances with testing, give the office a call for options.

3. Provide the date you would like to designate as the graduation date at the bottom of the transcript where indicated and also send it by email correspondence. This date will go on the diploma certificate. We will do our best to deliver the diploma package prior to this date.

4. Provide the address you would like us to deliver the package to.

5. Pay the Diploma Package fee through the website PAYMENT interface.