Diploma Criteria

As a minimum goal we recommend that the general course requirements of the Alabama Standard Diploma be observed by each student through their high school years. This is particularly important should you make a decision during high school to transfer your child from homeschooling to a public school.

PLEASE NOTE that we as a school cannot issue an accredited Alabama High School Diploma because homeschooling is not accredited through the state primarily because parents are not certified teachers and we do not apply the same curriculum material. We can, however, issue a High School Diploma with a High School Transcript that will enable a home school student to pursue college enrollment or employment as a high school graduate.

The Alabama High School Diploma Requirements are posted through the link below. To assist you in applying these requirements to your student’s High School Transcript select the Transcript Prep link also found under the GRADUATING MENU area of our website.

Alabama High School Standard Diploma Requirements

If a particular college is your child’s goal be sure to visit the college website for their specific admission requirements and be sure to adjust your course selections for High School based on specific goals related to your choice of degree programs at that college. The following is an excerpt from a two-year college that provides their guidance on admissions pre-requisites for prospective students. These guidelines provide another perspective on this subject.

A 2-year college guideline on admissions and course pre-requitises

In order to issue a diploma through Way Home, in addition to submitting a Transcript to our office, one of the following requirements must also be met:
1. ACT or SAT College Preparedness and Merit Scholarship Test Result
2. Other standardized test such as CAT5, IOWA Basic Skills, or the Stanford (11th grade level)
3. Standardized test, written essay, or appropriate project proposed by Parent

The link below will download a Bulletin with basic instructions on preparing for graduation.

Graduation Preparation Instructions

We encourage careful consideration be given to options other than college for your child’s future. Many successful businesses exist today because of the hard work of individuals who gained their start in business through on the job experience, self-study, and persistence. The important thing is to be prayerful about the direction in life necessary to help fulfill the purpose that God has given our children. Helping our children find that direction is our responsibility as parents.