Testing Options

Our Diploma Criteria is based on Transcript input, and either Standardized Testing or some other criteria determined in consultation with the parent.

If a student wants to attend college but they do not meet the minimum college admissions test results (ACT or SAT) they may be required by the college to get a GED and/or take addition pre-requisite coursework prior to the degree program courses. This will result in greater cost and time to earning their degree. For this reason, college entrance testing is a recommended graduation exam. In addition, many merit scholarships are based on these test results providing potential financial support.

While your graduate may not plan on college after graduation, they may change their mind 5 years down the road. In which case without a college entrance test, they may be asked to obtain their GED. In addition, having such an exam on record may speed the admissions process. The College exams are:


ACT w/writing evaluation (some colleges may require this portion of the ACT to be included)

SAT Subject Tests (some colleges may require the applicant to take one or more subject tests.

On the ACT, a student who scores on each subject area of a 20 or higher is consider “college ready”. Please note that many successful students have scored lower and succeeded well. However, the colleges use this score to determine if additional placement testing is needed to determine if pre-requisite courses will be required. The Way Home diploma criteria goal for the ACT is a overall composite of 16. For the SAT, the goal is a minimum Math and Verbal combined score of 720.

The Stanford or CAT5 test, taken at the 11th or 12th grade level, may also be used as a graduation exam but are not recognized by college admissions.. The diploma criteria is an overall average grade equivalency of l0.0.

Stanford 10 Online

California Achievement Testing Online

CAT5 by Mail

If testing is not practical or appropriate for your child please consult with us to seek an alternative option for graduation. Options other than testing may be appropriate