Graduating Senior Transcript

In a student’s 12th grade year, a final Official High School Transcript must be created. A draft of this transcript must be submitted to the WHCS Office in the period of OCT to FEB. Be sure to check with your prospective college and be prepared to submit transcript input earlier to meet their deadlines. Please email your draft transcript to

Supporting transcripts from previous high schools for which high school credit has been earned must also be provided with the draft transcript or separately by mail. Final grades for all courses must be submitted prior to issuing an official diploma.

The link below will download some instructions on preparing a graduating senior or other formal transcript.

Instructions on Transcript Preparation

The link below will download a SAMPLE TRANSCRIPT in PDF format. Use this file as an example of what a final completed transcript might look like. In preparing a Transcript it will be helpful to view this sample transcript for ideas on designating subject areas and course descriptions.

Graduating Senior Sample Transcript

The link below will download a GUIDE & TIPS TRANSCRIPT in PDF format. This transcript will provide you with important guides and tips on completing your student’s transcript. Note that where indicated course work may be substituted as appropriate for your student’s needs and goals.

Transcript Guide with Tips on Production

The following 3 links below will download a BLANK TRANSCRIPT in WORD, RTF, and PDF formats. Use the WORD version if you have Microsoft WORD installed on your computer. Use the PDF version to print out and complete your transcript by hand. Use the RTF version with all other applications.

Blank Transcript in .doc format for Microsoft WORD

Blank Transcript in .rtf format for other Applications

Blank Transcript in .pdf format to print out and complete by hand.

WHEN EMAILING YOUR TRANSCRIPT FILE TO THE OFFICE be sure to send back a .rtf or .doc formatted file.