Middle School: 7th – 8th

NOTE: The report forms below are intended for use as your internal record keeping and are not intended as a report format to be used if transferring your child to another school from which a formal record request is made to our office. This form may be adapted as a TRANSFER RECORD form in the event a formal transfer record is required when moving to a new school.

Transcript Report – Word docx Format

Transcript Report – Generic rtf Format

Transcript Report – Blank pdf Format for hand written reports

Please read the Instruction Bulletin and other information presented below on the Transcript Report requirement.

Instruction Bulletin on preparing a Transript Report

Within our Church School, Parents are the designated Record Custodian for their home school. It is the responsibility of the Records Custodian to file reports in an appropriate record’s storage area following the guidelines given.

Note that the Transcript Report Form for 7th and 8th grade is identical to the High School Transcript Report. The only difference in the reports is that 7th and 8th grade coursework is not typically assigned high school credit.

A MID-YEAR report is to be completed and filed your records in the DEC-FEB time period. This report will address the period of the start of the school year to the Christmas break.

An END-OF-YEAR report is to be completed and filed in the MAY-JULY time period. This report should be an end of grade level report. If you will not complete the grade level within this time period then your report will address progress to-date. This report should then be updated with the final grade level data once the grade level is completed.

Your report must be submitted to our office if it is the first-ever reporting period of your enrollment in our program.